No Dealing Desk Execution

Up to 5000 orders are executed per second & with more than 99% of orders are executed in less than 29 ms. All orders are executed anonymously without an intervention of the dealing desk.

BEST Istithmar EXECUTION GLOBAL, 2016, 2017 Awards

BEST EXECUTION BROKER GLOBAL, 2017 Global Brands Magazine

BEST Istithmar PROVIDER, 2018 Online Personal Wealth Awards

Market Execution :

Istithmar allows you through ECN Technology to execute all your trading orders that goes through First tier Banks and major liquidity providers to choose the most efficient and fastest price in less than a second. Do you know that according to the quality of market order execution offered by Istithmar through ECN technology you can benefit from the best available price which is known as positive slippage, when you get a lower price than the one displayed on the screen in the case of long orders or a higher price than the one displayed on the screen In case of short orders, at the end that results in an increase in client profitability.

Benefits of Market Execution

Strong Source of Revenue & Liquidity

Take advantage of Istithmar's Competitive Spread each time you trade by gaining access to a professional liquidity.

Award-Winning Broker

Our awards confirm our exceptional recognition of the sector to wards istithmar Continuous growth and rapid expansion of our global presence across the countries.Excellent trading environment and first class support.

Market Execution

based on quilty of Market order execution we offer Istithmar is Pleased to let clients benefit from,WIth a great filled record of 201,327 orders in a single day.Most of our clients orders are executed in less than 29 Milliseconds.


How Are My Trades Executed?

All your trades are executed
without intervention of dealing desk

Why Istithmar is an ECN Broker

Istithmar is non-dealing desk broker, meaning that they do not pass on order flow to market makers.Instead, they match participants in a trade electronically and pass the orders to liquidity providers & cannot trade against the client.

Istithmar use electronic communication networks (ECNs) that help clients directly access financial markets & offer its clients tighter spreads than would be otherwise available to them.

Transparency & Professionalism

In Istithmar we follow the best Practices governing the industry as well as our Commitment to maintaining the highest levels of governance ,compliance integrity.

Our Commitment to professionalism and integrity drives us to be transparent and honest it our dealings with clients

2019 Slippage Stats

All prices are changed by millisecond in Financial Market. As per 2019 records 77.25% of our client’s orders were executed at the same requested price while 13.50 % of our client’s orders were executed with a better price by receiving even a positive slippage


2019 Requote Stats

As per 2019 records, just 2.45 % of our client’s orders received a requote, 1.6% of them their orders were executed at a better price .


How do we execute your trades?

We have industry leading technology solutions with hosted servers in London (LD4 datacentre) , which can be aligned to unique requirements and seamlessly integrated with powerful front-ends , whilst giving direct Market Access to tailored institutional Tier 1 banks and liquidity provider to trade spot foreign exchange and CFD contracts for indices, commodities futures and single stock CFDs.

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