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      is designed to make depositing and withdrawing funds as well as general account management even easier

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      Economic Calendar, Pip Calculator, Daily Guildlines, Recent Offers

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      is available for existing and new clients who maintain a balance of 3000 $ USD in their account


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Trading Tools

Algorithmic Trading

Use our revolutionary visual strategy builder to turn your own strategies into trading algorithms that can automatically run on our MT4 platforms.

Istithmar VPS

Upload your trading algorithms to our Virtual Private Server and trade around the clock with no down time. No need to even turn on your PC.

Istithmar Calculators

Perform trading calculations such as margin, swap, pip value, profit commission in one place and find out exactly how your trading is going.

Istithmar Tools

Available as extension for download on

Play Store

Istithmar Calculators are also available on our mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Meta Trader 4

Meta Trader 4 is one of the most popular CFD trading platforms in the world. It is easy to download on iPhone, Android and international financial markets directly and use the strongest technical indicators.


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